Web3 Values & Principles


Creators, collectors, artists, musicians and Web3 enthusiasts are joining up to discuss what kind of community we’d like to create at Expressions.com. 

Below is the Web3 Social Contract. This is simply an expression of values — a rough consensus about what we’re trying to build as members of the creator community. This is a living document, so please add your voice!  We welcome your contributions, ideas and feedback.


1. Artists and creators deserve to be compensated for their work.


2. Collectors deserve to know that the work they’re purchasing is authentic.


3. Inclusivity, diversity and equity matter—it’s time to bring more women and people from underrepresented communities into NFTs.


4. We deserve a free, open space for artistic expression for people from all cultures.


5. Let’s work on making Web3 more accessible for everyone.


6. Digital assets should make us happy. NFTs aren’t just a way to make a quick buck.


7. Let’s support projects that serve local communities and the social good.


8. Let’s set our own guardrails and community standards without the need for outside parties to monitor our speech.


9. Let’s collaborate to make the Creator Economy work for creators around the world.


10. Let’s support each other—Expressions is a space for sharing experiences, not just a marketplace for selling stuff.


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