Top artists in Puerto Rico show off their works

The San Sebastian Festival attracted a wide range of artistic talent to San Juan for ‘the Party of the Year’

I had heard from friends here in the San Juan area that I needed to come into Old Town for las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián  — the San Sebastian Festival — for “the Party of the Year.” So I ventured in early on Saturday and walked the jammed streets, reveling in the music, the artistry and the food. I spent much of the day at Museo de las Americas, which featured dozens of artists’ booths jammed with fans and art lovers.

Among the talented artists I got to meet were several longtime acclaimed staples of the Puerto Rico arts scene: Jose Becerril Osorio, Anna Nicholson, Ruben Rios, Julio Mojica, Marie Court, Gladys Serrano and Dafne Elvira. Here are some of my shots of the event:

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