Venezuelan, multidisciplinary artist that has been a graphic designer, web designer and artist for 25 years. She got into the NFT space in April 2021, and started WomenVerse in September 2021. WomenVerse was in response to a tweet that said there were only 10 women in the NFT space. It was in direct response to the bro culture that was quite prevalent in 2021. She wanted to create a space that would support women artists, and give them a safe place to discuss their art and to support each other.

Sacramento-based fine art photographer, creating environmental portraits and landscapes. She has been exhibiting her photographs all over the US and abroad since 2012. She got into NFTs in February 2021, via NFT Tips on Clubhouse. She spent most of a year educating and observing the NFT ecosystem before minting her first works in February 2022.

A genderqueer, multi-disciplinary artist that has been in the NFT ecosystem for about 1 year. They spent their first 8 months just learning and observing before minting their 1st piece. They started their artistic journey by doing film photography in the 1990’s, and moved onto digital photography and manipulation by 2005.