The Artists & Creatives Foundation, in partnership with Amberfi, is launching a groundbreaking NFT collection named “Origins & Ancestries” that will become the first art drop on the Expressions marketplace.

The collection embodies the traditions and heritage of cultures around the world through the creative arts—a combination of 2D and 3D digital art and traditional paintings, sculptures and murals that have been digitized. Unlike the vast majority of NFT projects, which produce collections of generative art, all art in the “Origins” project will be handmade.

The big idea here is to help tell the stories of major cultures around the world through modern art. What are the cultural traditions, ancient heritages, and folkloric motifs that inform and influence contemporary artists in different regions of the world? 

Coming soon to a sustainable blockchain near you!


FIRST DROP: Caribbean Focused

Each Origins & Ancestries drop consists of a total of 1,000 exclusive works by 10-12 artists in each region of the world, starting with the Caribbean!

Why the Caribbean? Because it is RICH in history and the stories being told are bold, bright, and brilliant. They teem with self-discovery, shared traumas, blended communities, and harmonious ties that bring forth a wealth of knowledge from those who grew up in each region.

Below are the artists participating in this drop — available only at Expressions, the marketplace where creatives come to thrive. Learn more about their stories by following our socials as we approach this one-of-a-kind launch.