Empowering your potential

We had to start from the beginning and redefine the creator, collector, and curator experiences within this digital economy. 

Expressions reassessed and redefined trust through community growth, royalty preservation, and enhanced curation.

This is where you can come to maximize your potential and feel valued. 

Every creative category at your fingertips

List your NFTs in USDC and accept a variety of blockchain currencies for payment. This means that your listing prices will not be ruled by a blockchains variations and it will always be the same price from list to purchase. Your work deserves it.

Unlike other marketplaces, we as creators ourselves knew the only way to serve artists was to give them 99% of the proceeds. No extra commissions. No extra fees. No hidden anything. We believe in transparency and providing value to all creators at Expressions.

There is no wait time or earning limit to get verified on our marketplace. Give your collectors immediate confidence and transparency by becoming a verified creator right off the bat. The process is simple, easy, and quick so you can get to selling and earn trust.

Since we are working with incredibly sustainable blockchains like Polygon and others, we are able to provide Verified Creators with 100 free mints, and 10 free mints to Unverified Creators. This counts for 1/1's and sets that you create. 

You've never had more options as a creator! IP licensing, encryption, attaching physical assets and more. 

Custom curation by galleries and artists alike plus you can curate your own sharable galleries on your profiles.

Find new ways to attach utility, encrypted content and give even more purpose to your creations.

Grow your community, connections, and supporters with easy-to-use interfaces and payment methods.

It's all about real community engagement and genuine interactions here at expressions.

Making sure creators & collectors feel safe and protect their assets is what matters most.

We bring all users transparency, encryption, verification, & intellectual property protection.

Our first drop: Origins & Ancestries

This collection of 1,000 pieces from 12 artists (80-100 pieces each) embodies the traditions and heritage of cultures around the world through the creative arts—a combination of 2D and 3D digital art and traditional paintings that have been digitized. Unlike the vast majority of NFT projects, which produce collections of generative art, all art in the “Origins” project will be handmade.

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