From consulting pro to full-time artist – @iamSKAZ

28 year old artist, Skaz, quit her job as a consultant to do a dive into NFTs. She wanted to find a way to express her creativity and use Pop Art as a guide. She was familiar with blockchain technology because of her experience with software implementation via her job. She wanted to take control of her life, and give this idea a chance to prosper. She came to realize that we all live in this “system” that keeps us on the treadmill, but with web3, we have a chance to change all of that.

Which led her to also acknowledge that she needed to take time to care for her mental health and to have more self-awareness. “You really have to focus on yourself because if you’re the best version of yourself then you’re also better for other people. You’re better person in general.”

The piece called ' Étoile Fatale 2022 SKAZ x STARGIRL by SABET' by iamSKAZ

Her inspiration for creating is an expression of her feelings. “That you may not have the words to describe what you’re feeling, but you can show it in a drawing, a painting, a photo…”

To bring something to fruition that’s been in her mind and that influenced her, and made her feel, she wants others to feel it too.

One of her favorite quotes from Maya Angelou is,  People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

She thinks that’s 100% true with anything, not even just the arts, but with how you treat people, and how you treat yourself as well.

She used the term multifaceted to describe her art, but also to describe people. We are not 2 sided, we are many sided/complex, and that is why she creates her women in that style. Her art is a combination of Pop Art, for it’s bold colors and irony. Cubism, for her love of Picasso’s way of showing multifaceted people. And Line Art. for it’s captivating softness. Her main subject will be women, as we are misrepresented and often, seen as less than. She wants to create from her own experiences as a multifaceted woman.

We discussed the piece we bought from her Sabet collection, which is an open collab with the well-known artist Sabet. And with these pieces, she is addressing how “girl” is used in a way that “boy” would not. Her character is Star Woman, Étoile Femme, who speaks in french and is a true badass. She is considering to continue with this series.

She is releasing a Halloween collection, called Hell hath no fury like a woman. Just a few fun, lighthearted pieces for Halloween. 

And she is working on a new collection that is super Pop Art and is going to showcase women with big animal icons but in a very fun way, in a very Pop Art way, utilizing icons like Jeff Koon’s dog and marrying that with her new Pop Cubist women.

Listen to the full podcast here!

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Sulyn 'Soooz' Silbar has been in the web3 space since 2020. Prior to that, she ran her own business in NYC for 18 years. She likes to hike, snowboard, and find amazing artists to collect and connect with.

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