About the ‘Origins’ drop

Welcome to “Origins: Genesis”– a major new project for collectors on the Ethereum blockchain that paves the way for a more diverse, inclusive Web3.

Explore the heart of Caribbean culture with this groundbreaking first drop on the new Expressions marketplace. We think you'll want to hold onto one of these grails as a long-term holder, but you're free to resell a work on OpenSea or other marketplaces.

Discover hundreds of rare, captivating works of art by the region's most talented artists as they bring their traditions and cultural heritage to life on a digital canvas. These unique collectibles are available at inexpensive “Buy now” prices in limited editions, making this high-quality digital art accessible to everyone.

100% of the proceeds from the drop goes to the artists or to regional nonprofits. And a special note to collectors: Nearly all works are 4,000 to 5,000 px in width or height — making them ideal works to display on an Internet-connected digital display or canvas.


Many of the participating artists (some of them NFT veterans) have sold paintings for $5,000 to $12,000 to $30,000 but are selling their works at prices below 1 ETH — because they want this project to succeed, opening the doors of Web3 to other artists around the world.

By buying one of the “Origins” NFTs, you'll receive an Expressions All Access Pass, giving you token-gated access to both online and in-person live events with cutting-edge artists and creatives.

Every purchase helps support the development and launch of Expressions, a new community-driven creativity platform operated by the Artists & Creatives Foundation, paving the way for a more diverse Web3.

So be a part of Web3 history! Don't miss this historic opportunity to immerse yourself in the colorful world of Caribbean art. The “Origins: Genesis” collection on Expressions is where tradition meets innovation – and where you can play a role in transforming Web3 into a more inclusive global space.