3 utilities for your NFT project

Just so you know, your art on the blockchain is a utility within itself, possibly the best of all. But there are so many amazing possibilities that you probably haven’t considered when it comes to NFT utility. I’d argue that utility is perhaps the most underrated component of NFTs today.

Consider building another layer of community, or think about an inventive new way to build your brand. Either way, we have three hot ideas for including utility in your next NFT project that will wow your fans.

Access to events, whether live or in the metaverse

Personally, I think token-gated real-life events are going to be the next big boom. Most of us are already familiar with checking into concerts or shows with a QR code, and it just makes sense to use NFTs as the next step of entry. Especially when it comes to smaller artists, holding an NFT can gain your fans access to your live events, or even meet & greets. A sort of real-life meets virtual token of appreciation for the artist. NFTs can be the new fan club card, equating to all sorts of benefits, access to shows, or exclusive merchandise being one of the main perks.

If you’d rather keep real-life contact to a minimum, especially for those undoxxed folks, virtual events might just be your jam. Offering your NFT holders exclusive access to your metaverse events is yet, another way to add desire and scarcity to your project. Not only are they more likely to attend your meta (or the like) events, but, since they’re already in web3, it’s unlikely you’ll need to do much convincing for them to show up, they already understand the magic that Web3 has to offer. I’ve even seen artists offer access to their metaverse shows, including a plus one for their fans’ friends – the more the merrier!

NFTs = Exclusive content

Think behind the scenes to make your craft, whether that’s recording sessions, hyper-lapsed process videos of your art, or even sharing where you gain inspiration — these can all be NFT utilities that you can offer to your community. As an NFT collector, I love watching hyper lapses of art, especially digital art. This utility can be an easy offering, especially if you’re designing on apps like Procreate. Art takes time, and sometimes social media has a way of skewing how long a piece actually takes to create. It’s completely understandable if hyper lapses aren’t your thing, however, in general offering exclusive content might be in your best favor. Just having an inside look at an artist’s process makes it that much easier to connect with your online community. Who doesn’t want to peek inside the mind of an artist? Especially folks that already have their interest, and wallets piqued.

Private communication channels for NFT holders

Private discord channels (or other means of communication) offer your fans to get in touch with the more human side of you. Having that access to a holder-only channel adds a level of exclusivity that makes people feel really special. Of course, this might not be the way for artists who aren’t discord-savy, or have over 10K discord members, as the chat might be a bit bogged up with responses. But there are still options for other private communication channels, like Telegram, Piñata Submarine, or GM.

Communicating with fans and collaborating about future projects, getting their insight on what to do next in a project, and getting feedback on current works-in-progress can not only be a really fun utility for your community – but it can show you exactly what your community is asking for. An involved and tight-nit fanbase not only serves as a constructive soundboard for new ideas but can also be a source of organic marketing too.


Courtney Trethric is a Web3 writer and co-founder of OurLandDAO.org. She is passionate about social good, being an ally to underserved communities, and giving voices to those who feel they may have none.

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