3 tips for networking in Web3

Networking in Web3 is a whole new ball game. Gone are the days of hunting for old friends on LinkedIn, or trolling forums in search of an opportunity. These days, you need to be ready for a new type of networking: authentic engagement with people who are looking to do great things together! From sharing knowledge and experiences to collaborating on projects, trust is crucial to building healthy relationships, especially in Web3. We compiled a list that should make your networking transition from Web2 to Web3 seamless and broke it down into attainable goals. If you stick to these three tips for networking in Web3, you’ll be golden.

Authentic engagement

Be mindful of the content you share online and how it reflects you as a person. Are you being genuine and honest? If your goal is to connect with others and form beneficial relationships, then it’s important that your content be a mirror of your true self. That’s right, you saw this one coming from a mile away, but it’s true — authenticity goes a long way, especially in Web3. We as humans build trust with people that we’ve met in real life much faster than folks we only know on the Internet. That’s not to say you shouldn’t leverage the power of the Internet to your advantage! Always act with integrity and be a good human – that’s the No. 1 rule for success in networking. Authentically connecting will go a lot further than you think. Moreover, it’ll bring you to find a true sense of community where you’re valued and wanted.


If you say you’re going to be at an event, be there. If you say you’re gonna help someone with a connection, do it. Web3 is all about transparency, and that means holding yourself to your word, too. Be responsible for your words and actions. As an active member of your community, you should feel empowered to create positive change within your network. Remember: no act of kindness is ever wasted! Do good for others, and they’ll do the same for you in return. You can compare your social responsibility to the blockchain — in the same way, your presence needs to be transparent. All your interactions should be as open as possible so that others within the community can trust you as a group member. It’s your responsibility to bring your ideas and words to fruition. There’s nothing worse than someone who keeps promising updates, to only keep falling behind. If you’re putting yourself out there, people are going to want to support you in one way or another. It’s an easy choice to support someone who holds their promises to a high standard.

Mutual support

Every person within any network should have something to offer to the group as a whole. Everyone brings their own unique skills and expertise to the table. It’s important to choose folks that you’d actually want to be friends with IRL, people that you enjoy talking to, and want to see succeed. Web3 is all about creating community. We’re all entangled in this third iteration of the Internet and how magical is it to support those that you believe in. Buy their NFT, or music, or retweet something of theirs – it’s that easy! This shows that you have some respect for their work and that you’re willing to throw your support behind them. Remember that nobody owes you anything in this world. If you want something from someone, the only way you can convince them to give it to you is by providing them with value first. You can’t only expect people to support you for the sake of it – you have to make yourself valuable to them first. Your community will come to you for support in the areas that you’ve shared that you’re passionate about. That might be in the form of contributing to DAOs, supporting certain PFP projects, supporting your favorite 1-of-1 artist, or a combination of them all. You have the responsibility to be true to your actions and be a good human. People in this community want to connect and appear as more than an insight because we are. That’s what makes Web3 so different than its predecessors, each person’s mark matters. It’s important to circle back to rule one and be authentic in your mutual support, too. We’re all in this together. Supporting people and projects that you believe in goes a long way in building connections. It’s easy when you’re true to yourself and believe in those around you — the community will follow within due time. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – we are all here to connect and support one another on this journey into a new era of the Internet.
Authenticity is vital when building connections online because the reality of the online world is that you don’t know what you’re going to get with the people you meet online. They could very well be scammers. So instead, choose to be someone who believes in helping others first, and it will come naturally from there. These are three tips for networking in Web3 that we think you should follow when it comes to sharing and building authentic relationships. Let us know what has, or hasn’t, worked for you personally. We’d love to hear your side of the story!


Courtney Trethric is a Web3 writer and co-founder of OurLandDAO.org. She is passionate about social good, being an ally to underserved communities, and giving voices to those who feel they may have none.

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