Hemily is located in Taipei, Taiwan and started her journey into NFTs during the pandemic. She has always made art, but never as a means of making money. She was working at an Art Museum pre-pandemic, and it gave her an appreciation for how the art world works. She heard about NFTs because of the huge Beeple sale, and it piqued her interest to dig a little deeper and learn what the heck was going on.

Photographer and GAN artist creating futuristic worlds by combining the two mediums. Chazz has been clean and sober for 8 years, and is also a recovery counselor. He minted his first NFT on Tezos in February 2021. GAN stands for generative adversarial network, which is the original AI code working in datasets. He said that he uses AI as a tool, and that his images always start with a photo. He gets inspiration from waking up everyday. He had a near-death experience 13 years ago. Once he healed

Heatwave is a creative in visual arts, a survivor of modern life, and a student of political economies. Ze studied motion graphics design, and hopes that this will be zir profession at some point. Ze got into the NFT ecosystem in April 2022 by submitting pieces for a Taiwanese NFT competition called Like Water on Earth Day. Zir are inspired to create by many illustrators and motion graphic designers. The process for researching images was started when zir were working as a designer assistant. T

Dallas-based painter and digital artist said she has been an artist all of her life. She found her style of Abstract-Pop Art over a decade ago. During the pandemic, she started painting seriously again and had a gallery show in downtown Dallas. At the show, two men approached her and said her paintings would be great as NFTs. She spent the next few months getting educated about blockchain, Web3 and NFTs. She minted her first piece in September 2021. I wanted to know why the name Speaker Jill, n