We will spotlight artists from a large variety of creative talents from phygitals to poetry.

Expressions is driven by equality and community growth. You matter here, end of story.

These spotlights are focused on the creators stoked about our marketplace launch.

We will be launching with sustainable blockchains like Polygon, Tezos, & Avalanche. But, we will still offer ETH.


What do the first 100 creators receive?

  1. Social media spotlight: dedicated Twitter Space, posts on IG, Twitter, & TikTok plus a distributed podcast, and YouTube Podcast
  2. Founding Creator Member Status of Expressions for life
  3. Gated access to hidden social channels 
  4. 100 free mints to use when you wish
  5. The chance to get an airdrop of our first Ancestry & Origins NFT drop that Expressions will launch later this year

Serious creators deserve serious goodies. That’s why Expressions is creator driven and we know just what creators want..heck we are creators ourselves!

We are looking for artists who want to make a difference in the world around them. Artists that believe in social good, the betterment of this amazing community, and who are passionate about their craft.

What do we ask of you as a creator? To devote a collection, series or 1/1 to be sold during the launch of the Expressions marketplace! It’s ok if you have collections on other marketplaces, because we are excited to show you just how different this experience will be! And, if you haven’t sold an NFT yet, thats ok too! We are welcoming creators of all experiences to be part of our Founding Creators Spotlight!


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